I love Jesus ✞ / canadian at heart / foodlover.

grew up in canada, now living in the sunny, beach-filled land of california.

typically found: with kdramas, getting boba, annoying people with my camera in their faces.

so yeah, that’s me.

sidenote: I just wanted a simple name. “isabellahu” for this blog. taken. tried for “princessisabellahu”. nope. “princessisabella”. nope. “soaronwings”, my go to username. not available. so I had to be stuck going with the extravagant name. lol, “canadianroyalty” sounds so privileged but merp.

wow, wrote like three posts and this blog is my very heart. it goes straight to the deep end, nothing held back. I’m already like, embarrassed to show people. I’ve been holding back my finished post for al for like weeks. asdfjkl;