take a breath. take two.

awaken, oh sleeper. don’t you think you’ve been in slumber long enough? clear away the cobwebs and dust settled.

when did your tomorrows stop holding mystery and excitement? if I speak of hope and passion, will you still comprehend what those are?

refresh, heart beat fast.

tomorrows come because I want them.

eyes- don’t fade out, don’t grow dim.

brighten up and analyze.

can I make a suggestion? that you wise-

up! stay alert, don’t fall inert.

take every chance and think bigger,

it’s limitless, think vigor.

stretch dormant muscles, reach high.

it’s not uncool to make an effort, so try-

harder than this, all I see is potential.

that you’re wasting, you’ve forgotten the essential.

so remember-

remember who you are and who you’re made to be.

give me a head ups when you stop turning blind eyes and set yourself free.