if I stop holding on so tightly, will you simply slip away? so I gave it a try. I was hoping to find that you were also holding on as tightly as I.

but you took a breath and said “thank God, I was feeling suffocated.”

I’m so tired of this game we play, where I hold onto everyone tightly, moving them to where I want them to be. so I’ve decided to let go and let the pieces fall where they will.

I know you care as well, but not as deeply and intensely as I do. and I suddenly feel so tired.

why do people you love the most have to be the ones that hurt you the most?

cycles of emotions.

feeling stung. hurt. betrayed. sad. indignant. angry. resigned. and lastly exhaustion. heavy exhaustion. what do I do now? the ones who care less seem to be the winners. so how do I become that? how do I stop feeling so severely, so acutely?